My weekday mornings are routine and mundane. The alarm goes off between 5:10-5:15 am (depending on whether or not the snooze button is employed). After I shower, get dressed, (sometimes) make myself presentable, grab coffee and some lunch, I run out the door-in an attempt that doesn't rouse Chad or Koda-no later than 6:00 am, give or take 5 minutes.

Few subscribers to this time zone stir at this hour which makes the 20 minute drive to work rather uneventful aside from the occasional dodging of misdirected furry friends. Lately, however, I have noticed something unusual among early roadway passengers: a taxi, in Charlotte, at 6 am. If I was in the center of a more prominent metropolis I wouldn't think twice about this sun kissed automobile. In suburban Charlotte, it's precisely timed repetitive appearance just feels strange.

I have formulated some reasons for its placement. Let me share:

1.  There is a nocturnal business man with a really long commute. The taxi escorts him to and from the airport. He lives in my neighborhood.

2. Someone participates in routine alcohol consumption and utilizes a designated taxi driver at the same time every early morning. This person is also nocturnal and lives in my neighborhood.

3. It's a business car owned by a socially conscious global citizen who also lives in my neighborhood.

4. It's not a taxi cab at all, but a space ship that is abducting my neighborhood residents one homo sapien at a time.

Are there other predictions out there?

On another note, my blog has been read by someone in Russia. Thank you my Russian friend.