The price of convenience

I love city life. I love the richness of the arts. I love the mosaic of such a diverse population. I love buildings growing old with the weight of centuries worth of history. I love the daring nature that captures the wits of city dwellers and leads them to believe their dreams are within grasp.

I also love the small remnants of country still left in the midst of it all. Perhaps that's why I fell in love with London. It possesses all of the adrenaline cities contain but is punctuated in all the right ways with green; green trees, green fields, green beauty. My love for Charlotte's same green areas is just as faithful. That is the same reason why I am so saddened.

The recent effort to complete 485 has taken one of my favorite greeneries: a quaint property decorated by a pond, resident donkey and the occasional flock of geese. A grove of trees protected this serene estate from the forceful ways of civilization and progress, until recently. Now, the groves are gone and the donkey, assumedly, relocated. The tradeoff? Convenience.