Taking Up Arms

A few days ago I received news that one of my college roommates has cancer. The prognosis that she relayed, if immediately undergoing chemotherapy, is good. This news rocked my world. It totally changed my perspective on the trials in my life that now seem so trivial, so petty. I think the biggest thing that shook me was the knowledge that her life will never be the same, never the way she planned.

How often does our life plan get shifted? How do we respond?

Meg, my friend, is literally fighting for her life. The doctors tell her that her chances of winning the battle and coming out on the other side cancer-free are good.

Spiritually, we are all fighting for our life. Some rest in the deceptive self-assurance that they know all the moves the enemy is making and they will be okay. Some, unknowingly, trust in unreliable leaders to pull them through, successfully.

I trust in a God who has already won the war and, today, declares me victorious. I don't have to fight for my life, Jesus did that for me.

My prayer is that Meg comes to know that her fight has already been fought and that she can rest in victory. In the end, everything else really is...irrelevant. Even cancer.