Do Not Touch The Painting

My good friend Marissa is beautiful and remarkably brilliant. I met Marissa while living and studying in London during the summer of 2006. We clicked instantly. One of our favorite past times was to galavant to all of the museums we could get into for free (courtesy of our Boston University student ids) or a minimal fee. When we had our share of collections we would stroll through breathtaking parks or tackle famous markets. The occasional wrong turn or missed tube stop allowed us the opportunity to explore culturally rich neighborhoods on the outskirts of the central city. These excursions are among my fondest memories of London.

Today, now stateside, I still have the constant itch to visit local-and not so local-museums. At the ATM, of all places, I saw a sign that caused me to let out a small squeal of excitement. Bank of America card holders earn free access to select museums in certain cities on the first full weekend of each month! If that's you...check it out: