A Little Life Update

Nearly a week has passed since my last post. It is summer yet my calendar has more events penciled in than during the school year; such an odd yet exciting occurrence. My time, lately, is filled with things that I have been longing to do for a while but managed to put on the back burner for other "priorities" (or so justified in my mind).

Although my blog has been a tad bit ignored I have made strides to pursue pieces for potential freelance opportunities or contests. Also within the literary scope of pursuits, I finally started a book club. I always wanted to be a part of a book club, an idea further ignited after watching "Jane Austen's Book Club". Contrary to certain stereotypes, our book club is young-not relative, in actuality; no member is a grandmother and we are, personal claims confirmed by dear (unpaid) friends, cool. If you want to read along with us or are interested in joining (women only), you have until July 28 to finish Mary Kay Andrews' Summer Rental.

On Saturday Chad and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary-eek! It is such a paradoxical occasion; it feels as though we have been together for decades yet we just got married. I don't buy into the first-year-of-marriage-is-the-hardest myth. I don't have much experience, but it was more exciting than anything. I loved learning new things about Chad with every passing day. He continuously serves me no matter what the day or my mood-for this I am eternally grateful. Chad has taught me, by his daily examples, to always be quick to forgive and patient to see change. I am a stubborn, difficult person to live with, and he hasn't left! Hallelujah! This coming week we will spend three days in Charleston on the beach!

I have made headway on some wonderful job part-time job opportunities that have come up, for this summer and throughout the year. There are several and they are an answer to prayer-thank you for those who have prayed with us.

Koda is still a rascal. In fact, I better go check on him to make sure he doesn't eat our garden. He fancies peppers.

Good night sweet friends!