Mama Taught Me to Share

Yesterday evening I got to hold a week old beautiful baby girl, Bellamy. Her tiny body was warm as I cradled her-so fearful I could hurt her in some way-in my arms. Peace consumed her. She stole a peek at me as she yawned and her delicate arms stretched. Seeing the product of life created so beautiful in a mother's womb is indeed an awesome miracle. 

That same evening progressed to a dinner date with friends. The couple treated us to fried cucumbers, tasty grilled chicken, green beans and potatoes made complete with garlic bread-yum! S'mores for dessert? Yes. Please! Sharing laughs with good friends: wonderful.

Today marks one year since Chad and I promised to love and support each other no matter what the challenge. "They" warn you that the first year of marriage is the hardest. (Was there a field test that warrants this claim?) The first year of marriage is more educational than anything; you learn about yourself, you learn about your spouse, you learn about compromise, patience, forgiveness, selflessness, the actions of love, and so much more. It's full of adventure and new beginnings. Tomorrow morning Chad and I leave to explore Charleston as we celebrate our new life together. Sharing life with Chad is the best decision I've ever made.