Pasta Fagioli to the Rescue

I'm going to talk about pregnancy.

Honestly, I didn't intend to let this blog take a pregnancy focus, but as I think about it, I wanted this blog to chronicle my journey through life. So since this is such a large part of my life right now it seems relevant to share every now and then.

Hormones make all things seem larger than life. Last night I lost it over burnt vegetables and, presumably, undercooked chicken. It wasn't about any inefficiency to cook food, but rather I was overwhelmed by all things pregnancy related. Now that school is nearly over I have more time to read and think about preparations for life with a baby. I was fretting over how to establish a schedule, how to negotiate the first few weeks of a newborn present in the house, during flu season, with eager family wanting to visit, and how and with who to schedule child care when I return to work.

Thankfully Chad was there to rescue me with a generous guitar lesson patron's homemade pasta fagioli and a comforting smile. Since I know these hormones aren't calming down anytime soon, here's hoping I can get my hands on that soup recipe.

In other news, as temperatures are rising and pools are opening, I've been reading a lot about the benefits and concerns surrounding sunscreen both here and here.

Are you a faithful sunscreen user? If so, what is your tried and true product of choice?