Happy Summer

Good grief, it has been too long since my last post and I have much to share.

As most of you know by now, we are expecting our first little one this November! All is well with baby, all is well with me, and Chad and I are absolutely over the moon. The pregnancy has been relatively tame; no morning sickness other than the occasional nausea, some fatigue during the first trimester (but I think working as I did contributed to that), and so far-at 16 weeks-I'm healthy and thankful.

{ It's teeny tiny, but I'm pointing to a pregnancy test that boasts the fun news! This was taken the day we found out. }

Summer is so close! I have a week and two days remaining and they are, mostly, workdays. The move to Community School of Davidson this year was definitely a blessing. Being in an environment where administrators put kids, not bureaucracy, first and honor and encourage me as a professional is so refreshing. I've made some amazing, brilliant friends who have been such great listeners and life savers. My excitement for teaching has definitely been rejuvenated. So much so that this summer I will be participating in the National Writing Project's Summer Institute at UNCC. The course focuses on various theories and best practices for teaching writing and will run for the first three weeks of July.

Before I, shamelessly, get my nerd on in July, I will be traveling to my hometown of Utica, New York in just a few short weeks to visit family and friends. So far my mom has planned a trip for us to a her favorite antique shop, a fabric store to help me with some new curtains (and maybe baby goodies), dinner out to a few local grub spots, and pool time that is not shared with the entire neighborhood-yippee!

Between trips, class, and planning for next school year, Chad and I hope to get a move on the baby's nursery before August rolls around. Plans will commence on June 13 when we find out if our little is a she or he.

Happy summer ya'll!