Winter Holds My Heart

I love winter. Maybe it is because it is the season of my birth, but I do. I. love. winter.

This doesn't mean you won't hear me gripe about being cold. North Carolina has made me a wimp. I now bundle up at the scare of below 50 Fahrenheit while those in upstate New York start breaking out the t-shirts at the promise of 55 and above.

Nevertheless, the magic of snow and the process of warming myself under blanket upon blanket captivates me. It's an adventure unlike any other. If you've grown up in colder climates, this magic catches your attention at such a young age that your whole life is lived to see each winter unfold trying to top the one before in size and stature.

So, in the wake of Nemo, stay safe you Northerners. Stay safe, but love every minute of old man winter's companionship.