I've been a bit more into the Valentines Day spirit this year. Chad and I typically celebrate this holiday in minimalist fashion; we do something special, but not over the top. This year I want to be cheesy. I want to buy an obnoxiously large card, send a love note with the hubs to work reminding him how we fell in love, and indulge in chocolates and romantic comedy. Okay, he may not be down for the romantic comedy, but I'm still excited about the card.

So for ideas, I did what all today's rational women do: I went to Pinterest. Unfortunately the site was having "hiccups". Apparently I am not alone on my quest. So, I resorted to Google search: "Valentines Day Ideas".

Easy enough. Up popped an innumerable amount of links. I clicked on one. Esquire. Okay, I'm not a male, but the male perspective on ideas might be fun. At least until I clicked on the "next" button to discover the Valentines ideas for "the mistress".

I am quite serious, as was the article. Esquire suggested you take your mistress to lunch-keeping the bill under $100, as to not alarm the wife once the credit card bill arrives-and ensure you buy her sexy lingerie. The article continued with similar lewd and appalling advice.

A "how-to-cheat-on-your-wife" piece for Valentines Day? Really? What is the world promoting as characteristics of a "man"?

In lieu of such preposterousness, I want to compose a list of fun, creative, and exciting ways to celebrate your love to the one you vowed to be faithful. Want to help promote the sanctity of marriage? Respond with a favorite Valentines Day memory, or what you plan to do for this coming Valentines Day. We live in this world, but are certainly not of it.

Did you hear that, Esquire?