The Perfect Cup of Coffee

For as long as I can remember, my father has always been a devout consumer of coffee. The smell was captivating, and in a sense, comforting; a reminder of my paternal guardian.

My first, convincing, taste came in college. I can't recall if it was an act of desperation for academic survival during those late nights or a curiosity as to what this drink was that lured in the rest of campus. 

I tried it. I liked it. I'm hooked. 

Then I married my husband, the connoisseur of tastes. He is always searching for ways to "broaden my tastebud horizon," as he puts it. Since then, I've tried a variety of coffee concoctions:

black coffee (more or less a weight loss technique)
cuban coffee
coffee with "coffee milk"; the European, superior, equivalent to cream
flavored coffee 
clover coffee
drip coffee
percolated coffee
French press
instant coffee 
iced coffee

None of this brings me the same level of enjoyment as my simple drip coffee with a touch of cream brought to me by the Keith kitchen. 

What is your perfect cup of coffee? 

Also, how was your Christmas? I hope it was filled with joy, family, and friends.

Some fun new things I was gifted: 

Some new trinkets for my charm bracelet herehere and here.

New dining room chairs very similar to these.

A new read: The Paris Wife

Anthropologie gift card during my birthday month: yes, please!

Beautiful sweater

Thank you, thank you, thank you!