Christmas Magic

Do you remember Christmas as a child? These are some of my most cherished memories.

The decorating began when my father took my sister, brother and me to a Christmas tree farm in upstate New York. By that time in December snow usually covered the ground, so we adorned paralyzing snow suits and waddled our way up a hill to hunt down the most geometric Christmas tree. My siblings and I would stand by while our Papa sawed down our prize. Sleds were our vehicle of choice as we descended the hill and Mom would greet us with hot chocolate and fresh clothes upon our return home.

As Christmas drew nearer, the anticipation seemed impossible to contain. I remember peeking through the stair railings with my brother to watch my parents place the presents under the tree. It was around that time we discovered Santa's fictional roots.

Often times Chad and I discuss how different Christmas becomes with every year we "grow up". Sometimes I miss the magical memories. Sometimes. Most times I am excited for the years to come. This Christmas with Chad and Koda. Christmases to come with small feet pattering about. I look forward to watching the magic in others' eyes.