warmed hearts

My heart was warmed this weekend with a visit from a faraway friend. My sweet friend Gini came into Charlotte for the weekend and we were able to reunite with other mutual friends over Sunday's lunch.

I first met Gini at a church small group event about four years ago. At the time Gini had just moved to Charlotte from Virginia (where she currently resides, again). Initially quiet, when we got her out of her shell I couldn't get over how refreshingly genuine and down to earth she is. This girl and I have shared many uniquely unforgettable moments. One in particular involves dirt roads and a certain one-car ferry across a "river" in the backcountry of North Carolina. We were in search of a beach wedding and somehow got...lost? It was like a strange, southern version of forging the river from one of the original video games, Oregon Trail. Perhaps the most special memory was having the opportunity to spend time with Gini in Los Angeles (she moves a lot) while on a cross-country trip with Chad and two dear friends.

I love Gini and am happy to have spent time in her presence Sunday. Here are some photos from our lunch together with friends.

Bethany (a cross-country companion) and Gini 

Chad and Jacob (another cross-country companion)

Gini and me!

Chad and Bethany

We found ourselves amused by their incredibly well (unplanned) matching ensembles.