So close

Summer is just about here, yay! I have two more workdays left before I am a free little bird to enjoy some much needed time off. I've had "summeritis" for a few weeks now, so I'm well prepared. My plan is to enjoy some time for me, the pool, and a free schedule before preparing for my transition to CSD in August. Here's some snapshots of my summer so far. 

Multi-tasking by the pool; getting ahead with reading while soaking up the rays! I'll take this any day. (Companions wanted for company and to remind me to flip. :) )

I love a fresh salad and warm bread and olive oil. These tomatoes were from the store, but I'm looking forward to just grabbing one off the vine in our backyard. Soon!

This summer is bittersweet. It's hard to leave the students I've grown to love. One of my former students made this sign for me. She came in and spent a whole day with me as I packed up and prepared for the big move. I just love that little blessing, and will miss some remarkable young people at Hopewell.