The Pink Spoon Shadow

Peaches. Mango. Strawberries. Blueberries. Pineapple. Tangerines. Those are all the toppings I put on my $5 and change amount of frozen yogurt this evening. There is no denying the deliciousness of my treat. Momentarily the flavor rush shadowed the reality of calories, and so much more.

At this time along the Somalia-Kenya border there is a refugee camp fit to hold 90,000 refugees topping out with a population of over 400,000 and growing. Why are the people there? A compounded problem involving famine, drought, and lawlessness has resulted in hunger and, consequently, death for an alarming amount of people, young and old. Photos of the stark realities Somalians are facing litters the television and computer screen. I can't quite verbalize the impact of the photos. You can see the hopelessness in the refugees' eyes. It's hard to not turn away. I don't often internalize global strife of which I am so far removed. This time is different. Seeing children in such dire agony, so near Death's relentless grasp, and not being able to grab them first and wrap their little bodies in sustenance and love just breaks me to pieces.

I pray for relief for those suffering throughout the world. Especially those suffering from hunger in Africa. I pray my plentiful life does not shadow my eyes from seeing, my heart from feeling, and my hands from doing.