My Dog's Identity Crisis

Yes, you read correctly. My dog is having an identity crisis. Or so we think.

Last week my husband and I agreed to watch our friends' dog for a few days. They thanked us repeatedly, as if we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but they didn't know how excited I really was. I love animals, just not the slimy ones. If I had more space (inside and outside of our home) I'd have as many dogs as I could tolerate, and an equal amount of cats.

Berkley, our guest, and Koda, our resident canine, are the same age and kept themselves occupied with jumping, following, biting, wrestling, licking, and the occasional nap.  Then Berkley left.

Koda has never been one that responded to his name. In fact, he prefers to run wildly throughout the neighborhood without a leash only to return when he feels so inclined rather than respond to his name. I can't really recall what led to this, but I decided to call out "Berkley" as I would Koda's given name just to see how he'd react to the absence of his friend. Well, you would have thought I called out an unlimited supply of T-R-E-A-T-S by the way he reacted!

Koda thinks he is Berkley. It's either that or he is in puppy love.