Permission to be "Old" Granted

I am twenty-six years old. Sometimes I don’t really believe myself when I say it out loud, but it’s true. In fact, if you browse under the “vintage” section of clothing items on Etsy, you may find some stellar 80′s ware-perhaps punctuated by the year of my birth. Really…”vintage”?!

My previous blog touched on the book Backwards in High Heels, well, here’s a bit more about it and its correlation to me. (I should get paid for these free plugs I’m sending their way.) The book is broken down into sections that feature various essays regarding life topics. One such chapter-twelve, I believe-is devoted to age, or the aging process. Essays range from humorous to touching, to anything the authors please. There is a chart on page 288 that lists about twelve items that you are granted permission to do when you’re “old”. (The definition remains open to interpretation.) I read these items-some reluctantly-outloud to my husband and mother while driving in the car. According to four of the criteria, I am “old”. I…

1. Am not embarrassed to go to bed at 9:30 pm, nightly. In my defense…I wake up at 5 am…you’d go to bed that early too if your alarm was in sync with mine.

2. Always have a book of stamps in my purse-mine are in my wallet. Why does this make me old? Got mail?-I’m simply prepared.

3. Wear socks to bed. Apparently “old” has many similarities to young and underpaid and trying to save on heating.

4. Listen to public radio. A quick and efficient alternative to catching the news, mind you, between 5:30 and 6 am on weekdays. Again, in self-defense, I am neither Republican or Democratic (Independent, I vote on personalities and issues, not partisan lines) and I have recently silenced NPR in the afternoons for the more optimistic and less cynical alternative: music.

So…I’m old. Or at least a quarter old-based on century aging lines and the chart on page 288. However, on Friday “jeans days” at school, from behind 95% of the Hopewell population thinks I’m a high school student. I’ll take what I can get.