Patterned Scarf

The music school where Chad teaches lessons, Masterworks School of the Arts, produces several show choir theatre performances each year. This past weekend Chad ran sound for the junior show choir’s production of Mulan. (I love that Christina Aguilera song “Reflection”-something-or-other, so pretty.) The school rents an auditorium for these shows on Main Street in Mooresville, North Carolina, a location that just so happens to be one of my favorite afternoon walking/antique shopping destinations. Yesterday I decided to drive up and enjoy Mulan while helping out the production crew, but not without a pit stop to my favorite shops first.

I wanted to begin at Ye Olde Mantel, a concoction of scattered trinkets and treasures, but could not find the storefront for the life of me. I eventually asked an elderly woman if she knew of the store and she pointed me directly across the street with a look on her face like as if I had three heads. The store is under new ownership and changed its name. To my delight, they kept some of the old pieces the original store housed, but a lot of their previous items-that made the store an adult playground-were gone. : /

Somewhat disappointed, I crossed to the east side of the street to scope out a small boutique with cute bags and scarves adorning the front display case. After perusing the store until five minutes after closing time  (I couldn’t make up my mind!) I settled on an elegant, yet spunky gold necklace and a patterned scarf. As I walked to the cash register-all the while chatting with the cashier-I had the urge to ask if they accepted cards. The cashier’s expression dropped as she said, “No, sweetie, just cash or checks. You do have a check on you, don’t you?” I did not, in fact, nor did I have over $3 and some change in cash; not enough for my purchase at hand.

Many thoughts raced through my mind. What kind of store was this that they don’t except cards? It’s 2011 for crying out loud. Soon I’ll be able to pay by scanning my thumb  print. If I went to the ATM to get cash I’d have to walk five blocks to my car, drive five more in the other direction, then drive back to pay the woman and end up being late for the play. Chad’s voice in my head told me to walk away. So, I did, but not without bashing the lady for her outdated practices (Inside my head, of course-don’t judge, it was a fabulous scarf!).

I immediately called Chad to prompt him to share in my frustration over the situation. It wasn’t until today that I sat back and looked at everything from a different perspective. What I enjoy most about Mooresville is the time warp you feel you’ve entered the minute you drive, walk, bike, rollerblade, skateboard up to Main Street. It takes you back to the days when you were a kid and piled in the back of the woody station wagon to travel to town to get penny candy, or an ice cream cone, or maybe both. You were never in any rush and there was a peace about the evening; no cell phones for people to reach you on, no facebook, twitter, or instagram to keep current on, just you and the peace of your company sharing in the setting of the summer sun. It’s a joyous feeling to visit Mooresville.

The cashier is no longer my retail rival but a testament to the days of old when time went slowly and days were simple.