Memorial Day Memories

I just finished unpacking and putting things away from our little mountain getaway this weekend. Chad's parents recently built a fabulous mountain home right in the heart of the Smokey Mountains; Jonas Ridge to be exact. The house sits on the peak of the mountain; from the back porch you can see the sun rise, and on the front porch you can watch it set.

Any mountainous region possesses the same peaceful qualities. Nothing ever feels rushed. Chad's parents, Weston (his little brother), and Amanda (Weston's girlfriend) were there, and we even brought Koda along for the adventure. Chad and I woke up early today and enjoyed coffee and the crisp morning air on the back porch with his parents and the dogs (Max, the Keith family dog, was there too). We ate a full, delicious breakfast and then us "kiddos" headed out for an early afternoon stroll around Blowing Rock's quaint and cozy shops. I believe one of the greater things in life is enjoying a beautiful afternoon among antiques, one-of-a-kind decor pieces for the home, mountain folk, and Kilwan's ice cream-yum, yum!

(pistachio and kilwains tracks)

Most random find of the day: anti-fog goggles for dogs. (I'd like an explanation of the scenario in which such goggles would be used.) 

Dinner involved more great conversation over charcoal-grilled chicken kabobs. I haven't eaten that well in a while! It was sad to say goodbye to the family but perhaps even harder to bid farewell to the inviting mountain scene. On the way home Chad and I savored the last views of the landscape around us while singing along to some of our favorite tunes (okay....sang along...), and we remembered those who give up so much for us to enjoy our beautiful country. 

Alas, we are home. It's back to work tomorrow. The upside to that is I have two weeks left before summer vacation officially kicks off. Bring on more relaxing times with the family :)!

I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day as much as I did.