Life Lesson # 2459235 ....

I almost titled this post "something-or-other Monday" and realized it's not actually Monday, just the first day back to work this week. Yippee to short work weeks!

As I was walking out to my car today after work I realized Chad is off work this week (it's an off week between the spring and summer sessions at Masterworks, the art school where he teaches). Normally he doesn't get home until late in the evening. Because it is absolutely blazing outside I reached for my phone to call and entice him to go to the pool with me. Of course I left it in my office and had to go retrieve it (glad I realized this snid-bit of information before leaving campus.) As the phone rang, I had a glorious thought: What if Chad did all of the chores around the house I was preparing to do when I got home?! I eagerly inquired about my wishful moment and was quickly disappointed that he did not read my mind and do what I hoped to do this evening. I was not nice. Consequently the phone call ended abruptly.

I called my mom to talk briefly about adult things (life insurance, blah blah blah...) and she told me to pray for my brother-in-law Chris. I hate when she starts stories this way because my mind immediately goes to worst case scenarios...he has a terminal illness, he lost a leg, his family died, he decided to become a Red Sox fan (worst possible thing in his world). Physically, Chris is fine. My mother informed me that a friend and colleague of Chris' committed suicide this morning after a dispute with his wife. Obviously there is more to the story than either of us will ever know, but I will tell you that I had a strong conviction thrown my way, because, well...let's face it....I had just been a jerk to Chad on the phone. Upon hearing my mother's news my heart broke for Chris, because he lost a dear friend, but also for the man's wife who is not only grieving but probably-to some degree-carrying around a heavy, heavy, weight. Here's hoping and praying the ultimate healer's power touches this woman's life.

My heart was hit with some lessons I thought I knew already: expectations without communication is bad news, words have more power than we realize (for good and for bad), savor with every fiber of your being those precious to you in your life today.

Chad did the dishes, laundry, cleaned the toilets, went grocery shopping, is currently cooking dinner, and bought me some of my favorite juice and ice cream. Gosh, I don't deserve him.