God is so good...

Last night I had dinner with two of my best friends. They are kind, loving, brilliant, blunt, and both over 60. Lynne, one of the strongest women I know, housed me for my first three months in North Carolina, only after she landed me my first real, adult job. Pam was my first officemate. She has a tendency to tell you what she thinks, whether you want to know or not, but would truly give you her life if she knew you'd be better off with it than she. These ladies have taught me so much about living. Last night's conversation centered around none other than my upcoming life with baby Nora.

But I don't want to talk about that. I want to share today's post-dinner email exchange with Pam.

Pam: "So great to see you and Lynne last night. You look absolutely gorgeous. Love you much and can't wait to love Baby Nora! Have a happy day and try to prop your feet up!"

Me: "I had such a great time last night. Thank you for thinking of getting together. You do too much for the people you love! Those boots you found are adorable! I cannot wait until she is big enough to wear them.  :) Love the other gifts too! She has a cell phone now, and is still in the womb-ha!"

(Last night's gift brought Pam's total to number four. This child isn't even here yet!)

Pam: "Well, of course I want Baby Nora to be technologically savvy! Can you believe that in 18 years you will be the mother of a high school senior? Doesn't it all seem surreal?"

Me: "I refuse to believe that to be true. Can I do that?"

Pam: "Yes, and she'll be beautiful and accomplished and she'll drive you batty some of the time. And ten years later she will thank you for raising her well. And that, my precious young friend, is the value of this life. How blessed are you to get this opportunity. God is so good..."