This week was jam packed with activity, and I loved it. I'm extremely thankful for the family, friends, and life I live. I am truly blessed.

(My apologies to instagram followers for the repetition.)

I hope you exercised your right to vote. This was pre-vote, but I thought I'd sport some patriotism until my sticker was earned. Thank a veteran today for the freedom to vote.

Lauren, one of my AP students, with her HeLA cell inspired nature piece. I love a girl who enjoys literature.

This cake belongs to Courtney who conquered baking (and styling) for an assignment that forced her to go beyond her comfort zone. Isn't this thing owlsome? 

My midweek pick-me-up was a dinner and (free) show with friend Erika. We enjoyed chicken and dumplings at Dish in Plaza Midwood and then traveled uptown to Blumenthal Performing Arts Center to enjoy the first show in the Broadway Lights Series: Jekyll and Hyde the musical.

The week wrapped up...
Thursday: with a invigorating Bible study with friends Michaela and Luke
Friday: breakfast for dinner and board games with friends-what's better than some good old fashioned board game competition?
Saturday: antiquing and date night with Chad

Wishing you a great start to your coming week. Another full week coming up. I'll be sure to take more pictures and keep you posted on the happenings.