Meet Warby Parker

My sweet dog Koda is slowly growing out of puppyhood. I will miss when he was so tiny I could hold him-effortlessly-in one hand, but I am relieved. I no longer fear the destruction of my shoes, bags, cords, or glasses; yes, glasses, which I am now trying to replace by way of Warby Parker.

Warby Parker believes in stylish frames that don't require a bank loan for purchasing. Additionally, the company is world-minded and donates a pair of glasses to those in need with every purchase made. Why the name Warby Parker? Any devote Jack Kerouac fan would know the name comes from a combination from two of his earliest characters: Zagg Parker and Warby Pepper. Style meets literature? I'm sold.

Now, I await my home try-on box filled with five frames I've been fancying.


Which pair do you like best? I'll post photos (on) when the box arrives. Happy weekend!