"...and step..."

Step aerobics, kickboxing, kickboxing with weights, squats, lunges, abs, planks, and other unidentified, yet organized forms of punishment conducted in a high school gym is what I have recently been spending our disposable income on. Yes, I have been working out. The tenth grade history teacher, by day, happens to be the owner, manager, and enforcer of Sandy's House of Torture, by Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

It's been a long time-junior year in college, to be exact-since I've committed to a regular workout routine. Admittedly, my body does not look like it did during the days when I dreaded soccer two-a-days during the worst of August. For this reason, and the fact that I am terrified of post-baby body some day in the not-so-near future, I am now happily active.

What motivates you to get, or stay, active?

photo from www.visualphotos.com