Welcome to Cambridge

Chad and I have changed the name of our trip from "vacation" to "adventure". To take in as much as possible we find ourselves walking, quite literally, all day long. At the end of the day I am getting a glimpse as to what my body may feel like in another 40 years or so. (Note to self: work out A LOT more!)

So...to Cambridge we went! Many thanks to my brother-in-law Weston for the recommendation. I know we have several friends who have wandered Cambridge's streets and I hope the following photos bring back fond memories. For those who have yet to visit, I hope your next adventure is sparked.

Facing north, in front of King's College. 

A typical Cambridge street.

Our plan to punt down the river quickly dissolved when we discovered the river's swelling made the bridge clearance too minimal to punt without impending danger. The Anchor pub lost its outdoor dining area to the overflowing river banks.

Rumor has it Isaac Newton, student at Cambridge University, planted this apple tree. I believe the meager size suggests otherwise.

The mathematical bridge. 

This majestic chapel belongs to King's College.

The vaulted ceilings were spectacular. Forgive me as these photos don't do the architecture justice.

The oak organ screen concealed both the organ and the choir from the worshipers. Though the worshipers heard the music, they never saw those who created it. 

The grounds at King's College.

Chad and me on the south side of the chapel (in the cold and rain...I actually miss the sweltering heat of home.)

As you can see, The Eagle-where we dined-boasts the location of where the discovery of DNA was revealed (not the actual scientific work, but the announcement).

Onward to London town....

K + C