Hey there Delilah

My older sister and her family just welcomed a new little pup into their home-she's precious.

Delilah is her name.

If only they didn't live so far from us-in New York-I could cuddle and play with this little spotted beauty. Thank goodness for FaceTime, so I can watch my niece and nephew enjoy their new friend and listen to their laughter as she tickles their feet. It makes my heart happy.

It's crazy to think that nearly two years ago we welcomed our new pup into the family: Koda (a rambunctious Shiba Inu). Here are some pictures of his baby days.

Just four weeks old!

We were a bit ambitious on the leash size calculations.

"Look! I can climb stairs." (And the chaos ensued.)

He is sweet when he rests.

Although I'm not sure I can endure another puppy season in my life, I do appreciate and love the puppy I have.