La Fonda

Chick-fil-a is the enemy of vegetarianism. I caved. Not that much was lost from my four-five week stint of meat aversion; even that is a generous estimate of elapsed time.

In other news, the loft has been painted! As I celebrate, I am adjusting to the bright "La Fonda Teal" that sits as an island in our home's large grey common space. The money I saved for chairs has been redirected toward  a new desk for our office. Now Chad and I will have our own. I'm hoping this pre-summer timing will offer me a space to write glorious sentences that will float themselves off of the bookstore's shelves and into the hands of monetarily compensating strangers who find joy in my (imaginative) craft. Think happy thoughts for me in this endeavor.

Oh! I also spent some time crafting life into old decor items around the house that seemed...sad. I plan to position them in the loft at some point in time. Perhaps I'll post pictures.

Finally, I recently relocated our passports because Chad and I will be spending the majority of July in Europe. (eek!) We are so thrilled that the opportunity presented itself at a time when we are able to take hold of it. Our plan is to spend some much needed time with my family in the Netherlands. Three of my cousins have recently raised the Jongkoen baby count from zero to six! I have yet to meet a single kiddo! Chad and I will also be visiting London, Paris, and (possibly) Rome. Toronto will keep us company during a 15 hour layover on our return.

I am beyond thrilled to show Chad places in the Netherlands that I grew up visiting: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Gouda, Bruinesse, Den Haag, and many more. My father was born and raised in the southern mussel-fishing town of Bruinesse in the province of Zeeland. I plan to show Chad the very house in which he grew up in not long after World War II. Much of who I am has been shaped by that beautiful country. I lived in London for three months during the summer of 2006. My heart is definitely full at the thought of sharing the city with my husband. Paris and Rome are new to us both and we are simply bursting with excitement.

I can't wait to recount our many adventures. Until then, it's me and you, La Fonda.