Please don't shrink

I shrink shirts. I am domestically challenged in so many ways. The most frustrating, perhaps, is laundry, for the following reason.

Newly wed and underpaid results in a tight budget. Therefore, I rarely buy new clothes. When I do, however, I am incredibly meticulous in figuring how each item will fit into my wardrobe and I attempt to calculate the practicality of every thread. A lot of thought is required before I commit to a purchase.

While in New York, Chad and I committed to several purchases at H&M.  I just shrunk two of mine. Grrr!

I awakened with uncommon Saturday morning energy and pounced on the overflowing hamper early. When I returned to the laundry nook after dusting I made my discovery. Shirts that look they were designed for five year olds. Grrr again!

So, I took my coffee and retreated back to bed with my laptop, complete with a Sarah Bareilles Pandora station, and here I am venting via keyboard with my pup at my feet. I think I'll stay here for a little enjoying my caffeine and peace before I go to tackle the rest of the house and put my laundry blunder behind me.

Here's to a new year filled with new beginnings and, hopefully, successful new loads of laundry.

Thanks for reading...much love...