It's 7:33 am. Saturday. My day to sleep in. I've been up since 6.

Chad is still asleep under multiple blankets; usually my nighttime luxury as I am the cold natured one. This morning our house is freezing and I like it. It means that autumn is settling in with her brisk mornings, cozy days, and clear-skied nights. We've decorated some-pumpkin here, pumpkin there, a couple mums in front of the house, and an autumn inspired wreath. I have lots of things I want to do for fall, I just get drained from teaching all day and the free moments from grading at home are filled with mindless activities or simple rest. Perhaps today I will take more time for me and tackle a few of my try diy projects repined on pinterest.

Just now several geese flew over our home, honking away. Koda stirred at my feet a bit but returned to his slumber.

I've been looking for some vision for this blog...direction. I know it is usually occupied by my thoughts, but I feel like that's such a loose cannon. I've been contemplating more structure, a theme.

Any suggestions?