I'm feeling tickled

We all have unique sets of things that "tickle our fancy". Here are a few from my list that have recaptured my attention recently.

Corduroy pants. It's funny to think that someone invented pants with a million little ruts in them, but I love 'em. Warmer than your every day jeans, my go-to-pair have just the perfect amount of stretch to make you want to run around town or lounge in these suckers.

Cinnamon raison bagels with cream cheese. I'm a New Yorker and a hearty breakfast always includes scrumptious bagels. My closest high school buds and I would take advantage of our open campus lunch break to drive to the local Bagel Bin to treat ourselves to bagels for sustenance. My dentist tells me not to eat bagels because the excessive chewing to allow for an effective swallow aggravates my TMJ-I don't listen. I had one for breakfast today; yummy.

Skirts. Having to dress "professional" Monday-Thursday is not necessarily to my liking, but this predicament has caused me to grow increasingly fond of skirts. Hands down they are more comfortable than dress slacks and I've been playing with some new ways to wear some well-worn oldies (but still goodies).

Light(er) hair. I've been fighting it for a while by periodically dying my hair several shades darker than it's natural color, but recently I've allowed it to exist closer to its pure form. I'm definitely not a blonde, but my hair finds humor in persistent dancing between the light brown and I-don't-know-what-color-to-call-you line.

Fuzzy socks. My best friend in high school lived in a gorgeous-yet bit older-home. If the house ever went on the market I'd buy it, package it up, and move it to North Carolina. Her parents heated the home with a wood pellet stove. One room was toasty warm and the rest of the house was an ice box. To combat this dilemma, my friend's mom would purchase us (her daughter's friends) extra insulated fuzzy socks. I love mine and have since purchased several more.

Martha Stewart and Real Simple magazines. A few years back my mom purchased me subscriptions to both magazines. She's renewed them every year since and I LOVE it when they arrive. I'm not by any means domestically inclined, but sitting down in our office lounge chair with a fresh, hot cup of coffee and my magazines is dreamlike.

That is all for now. I must go to bed. I love you, faithful readers, and I hope you take the time away from our busy, busy world to enjoy the things you love