Welcome to Albemarle

My first time in Albemarle, home of Kelly Pickler. I'm not going to lie...I kind of hoped I would see her! Chad's uncle is pastoring a new (to him) church in Albermarle and today was his first Sunday. Chad and I accompanied his parents to listen to him speak. God gave him a great word! (Habakuk 1:5) The congregation was incredibly receptive toward his presence and I'm glad I got to experience this morning with Uncle Rick.

After the service we enjoyed some lunch with Rick and Chad's parents before visiting Rick's incredibly beautiful farmhouse. The home, approximately 110 years old, sits on 100 acres of farm land and the front of the house boasts a spacious wrap-around porch. Walking along the boards of the porch I could picture myself sipping lemonade, relaxing in one of the several rocking chairs, and flipping through the pages of a good book on an early summer evening. 


Bonus: there is a group of chickens keeping Rick company. I'm not normally a bird lover, but I warmed up to these little ladies. 

I'm working on ways to convince Rick to let me spend some time on his porch reading and writing-maybe a blog post or two! Wish me luck... :)