The Sweet South

Since moving to North Carolina I have experienced/discovered several new things (new to me) :

1. Sweet tea (go on and laugh it up native southerners...). My first exposure to sweet tea was by simple reference in Nicholas Sparks' novel Dear John when the two main characters enjoy a casual dinner with "the best sweet tea around". What the heck is sweet tea? I thought. I continued reading with little problem. It's just iced tea where I come from. I love it.

2. North Carolina is not all palm trees. Growing up in New York my exposure to "The South" was based on movie depictions of the (stereotypical) South and my travels to south all of its palm tree glory.

My move to North Carolina was rash and the time between the decision and actual move was all of two days. I thought since North Carolina was in the South, there'd be palm trees...everywhere. Not true.

3. There are good and bad people everywhere. But generally speaking, southerners are more pleasant people. I'm trying to become more like a true southerner.

4. The majority of youth in Charlotte, North Carolina don't have southern accents. It's sad really. If they do, they are faint. Nevertheless I will find a way to have children with darling little southern accents.

5. Summers are hot. Incredibly and brutally hot. Air conditioning is a glorious thing.

6. Food. New food I've been exposed to : hush puppies, shrimp and grits, grits (I do not like), gravy that is not really gravy and actually eaten at breakfast, biscuits, coleslaw (slaw) served on top of hot dogs, barbecue-which is actually a food and not the outdoor cooking device you make it on or the event of eating it-just the food, and so much more that I'm sure I will remember as soon as I post this.

7. Getting to know and sharing in the lives of beautiful women and roommates. Bethany Early Marum and I crammed both of our female lives into a one bedroom apartment for several months. You know you have a great friend when the friendship doesn't end after your cat pees on her stuff (repeatedly...I'm still really sorry!). Heather Boswell Gatch opened her gorgeous home to me as I looked for a new living situation that would be a better financial turn for me. Her home is fabulously decorated yet still charmingly cozy, she loves Friends and has one of the best movie collections, and she bakes cakes and offers leftovers-score! Thank you Heather for your hospitality and friendship. Mikala Hooper is the most uplifting and fun person to be around....ever. God's anointing is all over this woman and I enjoyed sharing my home with such a beautiful woman (inside and out). She survived my pre-wedding mania and is still my friend....this girl is amazing.

Then my pseudo roommate, Taylor Cote, who I have never actually lived with but have had two roommates in common with her and I feel like she deserves a shout out! AND, I want to plug her blog because she's adorable and her blog-covering fashion, fun, and her life in Cali-is incredibly entertaining and will leave you walking away with ideas for your home, closet, or belly. :)

Check this girl out:

Taylor Cote's sweet blog