Swaddling Young Summer

Summer-for me-has not yet aged a week and it is already off to a better start than I could have even imagined!

Monday was my last day at school. Yippee!

Tuesday I had a slow morning of breakfast in bed followed by episode after episode of the television show Survivor. Chad and I are television series addicts; we find a series we like and, together, watch it religiously down to the very last episode. Following Survivor frenzy, I met with a friend and decided to start a business with Mary Kay! Then Chad and I returned home to make tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil pizza-yummy yum yum!

Wednesday I woke up-are you ready for this?-at 3:45 a.m.! My friend Sarah and I joined ranks with our friend, and Anthropologie employee, Kelly to assist with Anthro's early morning inventory. If you know me well, you know I am a sucker for all things Anthro. Not only were we paid, but those of us who assisted received a temporary employee discount! I am quite proud to say that I deposited my cash that same day. Save, Kim, save. Yesterday afternoon I visited a new friend who is willingly allowing me to write a feature piece on her to submit to various publications for editorial consideration; I am very grateful. The afternoon didn't just yield an interview, but three hours were well spent sharing stories about family, friends, teenage rebellions, and reveling in the sweet smile and laughter of her gorgeous little boy. It was the most honest and encouraging conversation I've had in a while. This woman is quite spectacular.

Today I slept in a bit (recovering from yesterday's damaging wake up call) and caught up on emails and such. I got my hair cut by the ever-so-impressive Lorraine Conrad. Post-cut I ventured to Barnes & Noble across the street and bought a new book. The book came with me to the pool, where I boycotted sunscreen and, consequently, am currently an interesting shade of red. My new iPhone case came in the mail along with my Mary Kay starter kit with plenty of goodies. Koda and I shared two walks today and I made dinner for my husband before he got home.

My days might sound mediocre, maybe even pathetic, to you. The events I shared were fun, great, memorable, but what you can't read are the moments when I took in the moment to wonder at the vastness of the blue North Carolinian sky, the laughter that Chad and I shared when Koda decided to plop his rear end directly in front of our Survivor marathon showing, and the peace my spirit finds in the rest summer provides.

Long live summer!