Fields of Imaginative Frolicking

"Two roads emerged in the wood, and I -- 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference"
-Robert Frost

I think it is safe to assume most people have heard this Frost quote before. Today, the quote serves-Frost's intended purpose aside-to encourage (generally young) people to step out into the world boldly, not be afraid of the unknown, take a chance, and other messages similar in theme. Has anyone stopped to wonder what would have happened if Frost did take the more traveled way? What if the worn path looped around and eventually met it's other half further into the wood? 

My blogs often explicitly reference my quick decision to move to North Carolina. So many great things have happened since and I know that I have been generously blessed. Every so often I wonder: what if I decided to stay in upstate New York? If I had, where would I be today? 

I'm not talking about regret here. I do not live in regret, but there are a good number of things I have done that I can now see other-wiser-ways in which I could have handled past circumstances. 

I urge you to wonder for a while where the path you passed by could have taken you. When your mind returns from the fields of imaginative frolicking, appreciate the path you're on and the fruit that this part of the "wood" has granted you.